On the morning of Tuesday (10), professors Jose Luis Garrido and Jose Manuel Pérez, both from the University of Granada, Spain, visited the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health (LAIS). The purpose of the meeting was to make presentations of the projects of the two universities in question, with emphasis on the area of assistive technologies.

LAIS, representing the University of Rio Grande do Norte, was able to present its work in the area of innovation in the field of technology and health. The professors from Spain talked about their projects and their projects in the area of assistive technologies and presented a little of their working model.

Professor José Luis Garrido highlighted the relevance of the work developed by LAIS through scientific research. “We have discovered here a very important and relevant work, which is carried out for social benefit only with the investment made in research. We realized that there is great potential in ongoing research. Creating a product, a result that is also a benefit to society is an important point, especially in a space where a young person can start working with research through a very positive ecosystem,” he said.

Professor José Manuel Pérez spoke about the interdisciplinarity present in the essence of the laboratory’s work.

“I need to highlight, for me, something that I think is important and that can be transferred in the long term to another center and that we have seen here is the philosophy of work. The fact that there are different professionals coexisting, an interdisciplinary work and which, in turn, is done through a horizontal relationship between the different knowledge, I think is a very good issue, especially in a public university, he said.

In addition to the professors from the University of Granada, professors Ricardo Oliveira Guerra and Álvaro Campos Maciel, both from the Physiotherapy Department of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, participated in the visit.