Innovation in health systems and future directions – this was the theme of the lecture given by Harvard Health School professor Rifat Atun. The class took place this Friday (8), at Onofre Lopes University Hospital (HUOL) and was promoted by the Technological Innovation in Health Laboratory (LAIS) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN).

During the one-hour lecture, Rifat presented data and discussed the effectiveness of resources applied in health systems. In his speech, the professor praised the Unified Health System (SUS), but emphasized that performance is symbiotic and has variations. “What we need to do is use technological innovation to change the current data. The system must look at the ecosystem as a whole and not apply public money in a unilateral way, because we have seen that it is not effective.”

Also according to Rifat Atun, problems and systems must be in alignment. “There is no point in having a very well designed system if the problem is not well defined. The definition of the narrative around the disease (problem) is very important for the system to fulfill its function.

To close the lecture, the American university professor explained that “the future of health care is the personalization of care.

Moments before the lecture, Rifat visited the structure and projects of LAIS and commented his impressions: “the projects are impressive, but the best thing is to know that here all the researches are focused so that they are accessible to the population”.