Developing health through innovation

We are the first laboratory installed in a Brazilian hospital with the purpose of promoting technological innovation in health. Through three lines of action (Management, Assistance, and Education), our work aims to improve the quality of health services for the entire population, transforming lives through humanitarian science and impacting people's stories, not only in Rio Grande do Norte but also in the world. Our greatest satisfaction is being able to bear, with great pride, the name of our land and to represent our country with competence.

Research Groups

Nossos projetos acontecem aqui! As bases de pesquisa do LAIS são como núcleos de pesquisa interdisciplinar: profissionais de diversas áreas do conhecimento atuam em conjunto para desenvolver soluções que em saúde para melhorar a vida das pessoas. Clique nos botões conheça cada uma delas.


3rd Place in the 2013 Embedded System Design Contest – An Angel for ASL
Trophy by the Center for Studies, Research and Continuing Extension for SUS (NUEPES).
2019 Healthcare Leaders
FUNCERN Special Distinction – “Existência” Commendation granted to Professor Ricardo Valentim – FUNCERN Master Partner and Former IFRN Professor
Brazilian researchers won an award in Venice
Special Tribute by FUNPEC in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the foundation (Trophy) - Recognition of the contribution to the strengthening of FUNPEC

Scientific Journal

Brazilian Journal of Technological Innovation in Health


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