Researchers from the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (LAIS / UFRN) participated in a work agenda at the Pontifical Salesian University (UPS), in Rome, Italy. The meeting served to present projects developed by the laboratory in the field of global health.

The mission is part of the cooperation between the two educational institutions, including research and extension. Professor Juciano Lacerda, coordinator of the Center for International and Interinstitutional Relations at LAIS, and researcher Sedir Morais participated in the mission. The first appointment in the Italian capital was a meeting with representatives of the foreign educational institution. Present at the meeting were Professor Fabio Pasqualetti, dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at UPS, and Jaroslaw Rochowiac, UPS general secretary. The group discussed the revision of the cooperation agreement between the institutions, in addition to dealing with adjustments in that document. The expectation is that by the beginning of April such adjustments will be discussed, and that the final document will be signed by the Dean of UPS.

Afterwards, LAIS researchers presented transdisciplinary projects developed by the laboratory (Osseus, Iris, Kardia, RevELA and “Sífilis Não”). The duo emphasized the impact of these actions on society.

The agenda also served to discuss LAIS ‘participation in the “#IACQ Intelligenza Artificiale and Computer Quantistic”, a seminar on artificial intelligence that takes place in September in the Italian capital.