By Valéria Credidio (Ascom/LAIS)

Going beyond the physical barriers of Natal, the 3rd. International Health Innovation Conference can be followed from any location that has internet signal. Repeating the same partnership of the second edition, the g1 news portal has been broadcasting the lectures and debates that are being developed.

The virtual option is serving researchers from all over the world who are interested in following the discussions on important themes for health, education, human formation, communication, and technological innovation.

During the preparations for the 3rd. CIIS, the G1 team was sought by the communication advisory of the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health (LAIIS/UFRN) with the purpose of making the transmission of the event, as occurred with the second edition of the event, promoted in 2018. The challenge was accepted immediately.

According to the coordinator of g1 RN, journalist Fernanda Zauli, Lais was a great partner throughout the pandemic in order to provide the press with safe information, with credibility and scientific basis. “This partnership with g1 RN extends to the transmission of CIIS, which is an extremely important event, not only for the health area, but for society in general. With this transmission we can take the issues discussed at the conference to a much wider audience, people from other states and even outside the country.”

To follow the 3rd. International Health Innovation Conference through g1, access