By Valéria Credidio (Ascom/LAIS)

In papers thrown up high, the participants of the lecture IHI’s Successful Experiences in Total Quality in Health had the opportunity to express their dreams to improve the quality of health care, worldwide. Taught by the physician and director of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), Paulo Borem, the lecture showed the ways of science for improvement, starting with the redesign of systems to reach new levels of performance.

In his speech, Borem demonstrated the work done by the IHI and the impacts that it has been causing in the improvement of care. One of the data showed the reduction of deaths among women, caused by postpartum hemorrhage.

Another example cited by the institute’s director was the impact of the Syphilis No project in the reduction of congenital syphilis cases in Brazil. “Trust and fairness are our values. And they are true and shared by everyone who makes IHI. We believe that we can transform reality, as was done in the Syphilis No project throughout Brazil,” concluded the speaker.