Researchers from the Nucleus of Technological Innovation in Health of LAIS (NITS/LAIS) visited in August the Coordination of Technological Transfer and Innovation (CTIT) and the Technological Park of Belo Horizonte (BH-TEC), in Minas Gerais.

The committee was formed by researchers Agnaldo Souza, Nícolas Veras, Nadja Bisinoti and Danilo Nagem. The technical meeting aimed to consolidate knowledge about technologies developed under the Syphilis No Project, as well as the sharing of experiences and deepening in the area of technology transfer and licensing.

The researchers also participated in discussions on instruments arising from the new Legal Framework for Technological Innovation, as well as establishing communication channels to exchange experiences in the field of technological innovation.

According to Nadja Bisinoti, the innovation policy model adopted by the UFMG team promotes the expansion of the capacity of the institution’s researchers. “The institutional model adopted by UFMG promotes the expansion of the capacity of its researchers to convert invention into innovation and, from the development of strategic alliances, strengthens the local innovation ecosystem.  The experience was very rich and it can contribute to the discussion for the delineation of the model for LAIS and UFRN in addition to a future cooperation in the field of innovation,” she said.