1ª International Conference on Technological Innovation in Health from LAIS brings together European and Brazilian researches to discuss solutions for the area.

Natal was the scene of the main discussions around health innovation, bringing together some of the world’s leading names in the subject. The discussions took place between August 21 and 23, during the 1st International Conference on Technological Innovation in Health of UFRN(LAIS).

The event was headed by the coordinator of LAIS, Professor Ricardo Valentim, and had the participation of important researches from field. Among them, the Secretary General of the ICDE, Gard Titlestad, as well as the researcher Anne Boyer from the University of Lorraine in France; And from Brazilians Adriano Massuda (UFPR), Lucas Cassiano (MIT) and Ricardo Cury (Miami Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute).

The conference brought together researches, professionals and academics from the health area to discuss different topics, as well as sharing personal experiences from guests.

One of the most anticipated lectures was given by Gard Titlestad, with the theme “Innovation and transformative education for a sustainable world”. During his speech, the Secretary General of the ICDE emphasized that the concept of Innovation is wide, and constitutes an important platform for a social transformation. “My vision for Innovation and the creation of open access, as people in the leadership of the digital transformation for the sustainable future we want. And Brazil is a land of idea and innovation, “he said.

For professor Ricardo Valentim, the conference was important for discussing the three main pillars of innovation. “At the conference we discussed technology, care and lifelong education in health. In a three-day event, we were able to discuss these three essential topics. It is necessary to form well, have people with high level of education to offer what the market needs. There is no competitiveness if we can’t form people well,” he said.