Rio Grande do Norte has not recorded deaths of adolescents, between 12 and 17 years, after the beginning of the immunization of this public against coronavirus. The data is part of the most recent report of the Technological Innovation in Health Laboratory (LAIS/UFRN), released this Saturday morning, January 8th. Another important information is that before the beginning of the vaccination, in this age group, the state registered 32 deaths of adolescents affected by the covi-19. “The data further reinforces the importance of vaccination for the entire population, including children five years old and older,” reinforces LAIS executive director, Professor Ricardo Valentim.

Besides LAIS executive director, the document was written by researchers Carlos Alberto Pereira de Oliveira, Fernando Lucas, Higor Morais, Isabela Sales Moioli, Juciano Lacerda, Leonardo Galvão de Lima, Nícolas Veras, Pablo Holanda, Rodrigo Silva, and Talita Brito.

Among other information, the document brings recommendations regarding the promotion of events in RN. For the researchers, it is fundamental to expand the security measures for any event that can promote the gathering of large audiences. For this, in addition to requiring the immunization passport against covid-19, demonstrating that the individual is fully vaccinated should also require the PCR test with 72 hours or antigen test with 48 hours, this only for those who have not taken the booster dose (D3).