By Letícia Meira – Ascom/LAIS

In order to understand the challenges of the neediest class in basic health care and seek solutions for a better condition of life, the 3rd International Health Innovation Conference will make available a panel dealing with “Right to Health”, conducted by researcher Luís Eduardo Evangelista, from the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health (LAIS).

The presentation will be organized in the following way: an opening lecture, presenting the issue of the transversality of the right to health; a round table, in which the challenges of the effectiveness of the right to health in Portuguese and Angolan soil will be discussed; and, finally, a lecture focused on the difficulties in the effectiveness of the right to health in Brazil, with a focus on control and transparency.

For the panel’s organizer, it is through the analysis of other countries’ experiences that it is possible to develop innovative ways to face the problems related to health issues in Brazil. “Health is a fundamental and essential right for the enjoyment of a dignified life. However, although this right is universal and integral, its implementation, especially in what refers to the less wealthy classes, is made difficult. In this scenario, it is important to understand the various facets of this constitutional right, as well as the difficulties and challenges that involve its implementation, so that we can overcome them”, he concludes.

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