By Gabriel Mascena – Ascom/LAIS

The panel “Health Communication”, mediated by Juciano Lacerda, researcher of the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health (LAIS), will discuss strategies for innovation, dissemination, and qualification of communication in science, education, and health. The panel will be divided in three moments, with discussions and sharing of experiences in the communicational perspective.

The first moment will highlight the Perspectives of Innovation in Educommunication for Health, a presentation given by Almudena Muñoz, from Complutense University of Madrid (UCM); Isabel Duré, from the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), and Maria Natália Ramos, from the Open University of Portugal (UAb). Then there will be the lecture “International Scientific Communication in Health: scientists as protagonists”, presented by José Manuel Batista, professor of biochemistry at UCM; and the thematic panel “Challenges and strategies to qualify the public communication of Science and Health”, composed by Almudena Muñoz; José Jimenéz, professor of the Faculty of Communication Science and Information at UCM; Juciano Lacerda; and Regiane Ribeiro, director of the Arts, Communication and Design Sector of the Federal University of Paraná (Sacod/UFPR).

For Juciano, the theme of Communication in Health brings the importance of communication as a direct agent in the impact of health processes within society. “Every health process will need to be communicated. It is the quality of this communication that will tell what kind of impact these actions can have. So the way of communicating, the strategies that are developed, and the types of media that are used will have an impact in certain moments”, highlights the researcher.

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