This year, Hospital Geral Doutor João Machado (HGJM), in Natal, expanded the number of beds for general care and vascular procedures, totaling 30 new beds for its patients. Last month, in order to optimize the flow of patients and ensure better assistance, the hospital started receiving patients regulated by other health units and Psychosocial Care Centers (CAPS) through the Health Care Access Regulation System of the state of Rio Grande do Norte (Regula RN).

The facility now has 20 beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 80 beds for mental health, which is the unit’s specialty. With the new covid-19 cases, a new clinical wing was introduced with 30 general and vascular ward beds, where 12 beds are destined for patients diagnosed with the new coronavirus. In another wing, of medical clinic, 15 more beds are organized as infirmary beds and 10 ICU beds specific for covid-19. The highlight is the care for patients diagnosed with the disease and who need hemodialysis.

For Leidiane Queiroz, director of the hospital, the initiative of LAIS in the production of Regula RN was fundamental in the fight against covid and in the general regulation of clinical beds. “The regulation system created by LAIS is of great importance, with all the transparency, which optimizes the care process in the regulation of all beds. Today the hospital is with 100% in the regulation system, which improves the patient regulation process and the hospital management”, highlights the director.

According to the HGJM director, the unit is currently with 50% of the covid-19 beds in use, but it has capacity for up to 90 beds, 70 of which are ICU beds and 20 clinical beds. The hospital management expects an increase of covid-19 patients in the post-carnival period, due to the holiday and crowds that may require the expansion of new beds.