On the next day 4, the Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Health, (LAIS / UFRN) promotes the debate “Contemporary challenges of global health; tuberculosis, syphilis and the current moment of covid-19”, with the participation of Dr. Raquel Duarte, University of Porto (Portugal) and LAIS researchers, Professor Ricardo Valentim, Carlos Alberto Oliveira and Leonardo Lima.

The debate will be virtual and can be followed by the LAIS youtube channel (youbube.com/lais.huol) from noon in Brazil and 3pm in Portugal.

Dr. Raquel Duarte was invited to participate in the debate due to the relevance of her experience. The guest for this meeting is a pulmonologist with a Master’s and PhD in Public Health. In her career, she was director of the National Tuberculosis Program of the DGS and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Public Health at the University of Porto. She was also Vice-President of the “Europe Region Officers of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease” as well as President of the Tuberculosis Group of the European Respiratory Society.Raquel Duarte combines interest in public health, clinical, academic and research activity.