The program of the third day of the I International Seminar on Technological Innovation in Health, had as a guiding theme the use of technology in telemonitoring of patient data, to assist in prognosis and diagnosis. During the event, partner professors from the Center for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC) gave lectures with the purpose of discussing the proposed theme.

Professor Paulo Gil began his lecture addressing the topic “Detection and replacement of outliers in time series” to expand learning and the development of technologies applied to health practices.

In the second moment of the afternoon seminar, Professor Jorge Henriques delivered the lecture “Data science for tele-monitoring applications: Opportunities and challenges”, bringing data science as the main topic. The professor talked about the development of data models for monitoring patients’ prognoses and diagnoses, using technology as a support tool in improving the reading of information about patients. “The model must be able to explain and justify the data output, to have confidence in the information about patients, and to be able to evaluate correctly,” said Jorge.

The Seminar continues with a cycle of lectures until next Friday (02.11), in the auditorium of the Distance Education Department (SEDIS/UFRN), and the content presented and produced during the days of the event will be turned into an educational resource, and will soon be available on LAIS platforms.