Researchers from the “No Syphilis” project participated on Thursday (19th) in an act to promote the project’s initiatives in partnership with the Brazilian Navy, through the “Health Day”, an activity carried out by the Naval Hospital of Natal (HNNa), aimed at the military and their families.

The activity was developed by nursing professionals linked to the Center for Studies in Public Health of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (NESC/UFRN), as well as researchers from the Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Health (LAIS), who acted by providing information about the disease to the population. According to Jordana Paiva, researcher of the project, the act was focused on publicizing initiatives of “No Syphilis”, with emphasis on prevention and education activities.

In addition to presenting the project to the participants, the group of researchers also did some rapid tests for syphilis, in partnership with the HNNa military.

The Health Day is characterized by the offer of services to the population, through the military of the Naval Hospital and the Navy Health System (SSM), with acts in various areas of public health.