The Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (LAIS / UFRN) developed a system for continuous monitoring of Covid-19 cases in Rio Grande do Norte. The tool, called “Coronavirus RN” (available on the website was developed by a team of laboratory researchers, and presents graphs with data on infected patients, suspected cases, discarded and number of deaths.

According to the researchers organizing the tool, the service gathers data made available by the State Secretariat of Public Health (Sesap / RN) and by the Central Laboratory of Public Health of Rio Grande do Norte Doctor Almino Fernandes (Lacen). The group also set up a situation room located in the laboratory, which analyzes the data and feeds the platform with information.

Among the main functions of the monitoring device, the “Maps” function is noteworthy. In it, the user can monitor the percentage of the number of confirmed cases per neighborhood in Natal. There is also the option number of suspected cases and confirmed cases in the RN. The function also presents the updated number of suspected, proactive, discarded and confirmed cases of the disease.

“The user can have access, for example, to data such as the daily percentage growth of the disease in the state. This is a very relevant service, as information is the greatest weapon we have at this moment to overcome this pandemic scenario ”, highlighted Professor Ricardo Valentim, LAIS coordinator and one of the creators of the“ Coronavirus RN ”platform.

Covid-19 in RN
According to data from the platform, until 1852 on Monday (30), Rio Grande do Norte had 77 confirmed cases of the disease, 1,494 suspected cases and one death due to the new coronavirus. There are still 626 discarded cases.

Covid-19 cases are suspected in 88 municipalities. The confirmed cases occur in the cities of Natal (37), Mossoró (16), Parnamirim (10), Assú (1), Apodi (1), Caicó (1), Carnaubais (1), Luís Gomes (1), Macaíba ( 1), Monte Alegre (1), Passa e Fica (1), São Gonçalo do Amarante (2), São José de Mipibu (1) and Tibau (1).

Across the country, 4,579 is the number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in Brazil. The number of deaths has also increased, now they are 159, according to the bulletin released on Monday (30) by the Ministry of Health. The state of São Paulo concentrates 113 deaths, with 1,517 cases.