By Arthur Barbalho/Ascom LAIS

Participants and speakers of the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Health were received on Monday (4), by the rector of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Professor José Daniel Diniz, by the Secretary of International Relations, Márcio Barbosa. The working agenda is part of the concomitant activities of the event, which opens today, starting at 6pm.

The delegation was coordinated by the conference president and executive director of the Health Technological Innovation Laboratory (LAIS), professor Ricardo Valentim. At the meeting, held in the Collegiate Hall of UFRN, each of the guests made a brief presentation, where they highlighted their areas of work and expertise.

For the executive director of LAIS, holding the conference marks an important moment, in a process that uses resilience with the work performed by the laboratory team during the covid-19 pandemic. “It is important because we have here representatives from institutions, from different areas of knowledge, with the purpose of discussing how health systems can be even more resilient. This is a process that goes through internationalization actions, with constant interaction and different perspectives”, he said.

The meeting was attended by LAIS professors and researchers Ricardo Valentim, Juciano Lacerda, Carlos Alberto Oliveira Thaísa Santos Lima, and Maurício Capra; UFRN’s Distance Education Secretary Carmen Rêgo; and the following international guests:

● Prof. Dr. Rifat Atun (T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University);
● Prof. Dr. José Manuel Bautista (Complutense University of Madrid – UCM);
● Profa Dr Almudena Gallego (Complutense University of Madrid – UCM);
● Prof. Dr. José Jimenez de las Heras (Complutense University of Madrid-UCM);
● Profa. Dr Carla Padrel (Universidade Aberta de Portugal – UAb-PT);
● Prof. Dr. Leopoldo Sarli (University of Parma – Università degli Studi di Parma);
● Profa Dr. Olga Janneth Ramirez (National University of Colombia – UNAL);
● Ms. Mônica Diniz Duraes (Pan American Health Organization – PAHO);
● Ms. Isabel Duré (Pan American Health Organization – PAHO);
● Mr. Gabriel Listovsky (Pan American Health Organization – PAHO);
● Mr. Roberto Tapia (Pan American Health Organization – PAHO);
● Mr. Fernando Lelis (Pan American Health Organization – PAHO).