By Arthur Barbalho – Ascom/LAIS

The network for maternal and child care in the health services of Rio Grande do Norte will have an important tool starting on Wednesday (23). This is because the regulation and monitoring of neonatal ICU beds via the RegulaRN platform begins today.

The service had its operationalization started after training held this morning, with the participation of professionals who work with the care of patients in the mother-child network, the Regional Medical Council, the State Public Ministry (MP/RN) and managers from the State Secretariat of Public Health of RN (SESAP/RN).

It is important to highlight that all the construction of the platform was carried out in partnership with professionals who already work in the network and who were able to collaborate in the construction of the flows established by the RegulaRN platform.

The expansion of RegulaRN’s use to neonatal ICU beds is a joint initiative of LAIS and SESAP/RN. As already occurs with the regulation of adult beds, the platform will increase the transparency of the regulation flows, allowing the monitoring and supervision by control bodies, such as the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and the Public Ministry of RN (MP/RN), as well as the entire population of Rio Grande do Norte.