Researchers from the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (LAIS / UFRN) met this Tuesday (4) with the prosecutor Kalina Correia Filgueira, from CAOP Saúde (Center of Operational Support to the Prosecutors) of the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Norte (MPRN). On the agenda, the implementation of the Telehealth system in municipalities in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of CAOP Saúde, located at the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJ / RN). The group’s expectation is that the system can assist health services in regions of Rio Grande do Norte where there is a deficit in medical care. The system would also act as a platform aimed at training professionals who work in these centers.

According to Professor Ricardo Valentim, coordinator of LAIS and one of the creators of the Telehealth system, the partnership has the potential to improve service to the population in regions with little access to health services, especially with regard to the care of medical specialties in general. “Understanding the needs presented by the promoter, our next step is to develop a project that meets the specific demands presented by MPRN”, he said.

The expectation is that a new meeting will take place in the coming days, also counting on the participation of state and municipal managers. For the LAIS coordinator, Telehealth can be a solution for smaller municipalities that are distant from the main centers of RN. “The investment in technology for the use of telehealth is of low cost, in addition to being already tested, with successful experiences in RN and throughout the country. Our telehealth center already has expertise for the work developed in RN and Paraíba, and it can be an important tool for this work proposed by MPRN “, he affirmed.