By Valéria Credidio / Ascom LAIS

One of the main tools for overcoming the problems experienced by everyone during the covid-19 pandemic was information. And quality information, with data analyzed by researchers and scientists. But how to combine information with the emotion of witnessing the suffering of people waiting for beds or news about hospitalized relatives? This was the point that moved everyone, during the opening of the 3rd International Health Innovation Conference, in the statement of journalist Mara Godeiro, from TV Tropical/Record.

Invited by the event’s organization, Mara Godeiro spoke to the audience about her experience as a journalist and her work during the pandemic period, covering press conferences with health authorities and scientists in RN. “The search for trustworthy information has never been so important”, reminded Mara, affirming that she found this security with the researchers from the Technological Innovation in Health Laboratory (LAIS/UFRN). “I even talked for more than an hour to understand the context and pass on the information. I couldn’t choose good news or bad news. I had to portray the reality for everyone to understand the moment we were going through.

The journalist also reported the dilemma of witnessing the suffering of people, who saw relatives and close people being victims of covid-19 and even overcoming their own fear. “They were delicate moments that I couldn’t stop being the professional of information, but I needed to calm that person who was suffering. In another moment, I entered an ICU to show that reality. I tried to preserve myself, but it was necessary to pass on the information”, she said.

Mara Godeiro’s testimony moved many of those present, and she was congratulated by some of the authorities present. For LAIS executive director, Professor Ricardo Valentim, the speech of a professional like Mara supports even more the work that has been done by LAIS during all these years. “We are completing 11 years and we always make our data and information available to society. And the press is an important partner in our trajectory,” concluded the researcher.