Managers and researchers who work at the Brazilian Company of Hospital Services (EBSERH) participated this Friday (20) in a lecture with the executive director of the Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Health (LAIS/UFRN), Ricardo Valentim. The speech, entitled “Development of innovative projects – Experience LAIS/HUOL/UFRN”, was part of the “Meeting with GEP/GAS Ebserh”, an event promoted by the public company to promote innovation actions for the public in question.

Valentim opened his speech by highlighting the importance of developing technologies that solve problems that already exist in university hospitals. “We are not a laboratory that creates the problem, but one that receives an existing problem and works to find a solution. This is the LAIS differential and that is why we work so well in partnership with the Onofre Lopes University Hospital (HUOL),” he said.

The laboratory director highlighted that LAIS’s current situation, mainly because of its work developed in the last years, enables LAIS to have the current protagonism. “When you have a well-structured, well-systematized laboratory, you are able to acquire a very strong protagonism. We faced an important moment during the pandemic in Rio Grande do Norte, and if the state hadn’t had the support of the laboratory at the height of the health crisis in the middle of the pandemic, the health of RN could have collapsed,” he highlighted.

Also during the lecture, the professor highlighted the role of the Brazilian Company of Hospital Services (EBSERH), for its ability to absorb technologies developed within LAIS and other research laboratories throughout Brazil. “EBSERH has a very big role in the health issue. It is not only the question of the process, but it is because it is a place where solutions developed within the hospital itself can be incorporated into the Unified Health System,” Valentim concluded.