By Bruno Cássio – ASCOM/LAIS     

The phrase “We make science an instrument of love of neighbor” is stamped in the hallway of the Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Health (LAIS / UFRN) and has served as inspiration for a series of solidarity actions developed by researchers. This is what happened during the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Health, held from April 4th to 7th, in Natal. The participants were invited to donate an essential item for the elderly shelters and they accepted the initiative.

During the event, about 500 packages of geriatric diapers were collected. The amount is enough to meet the monthly demand of three shelters, in greater Natal, maintained by organizations from different religious segments. The donations were delivered this Wednesday (13), in a climate of emotion and gratitude. The first stop was the Lar do Ancião Evangélico (LAE), in the Neópolis district, in the capital of Natal. There, 36 elderly people are sheltered, 90% of whom are totally dependent.

For LAE’s director, Rosemilson Silva, “the donation came at a good time, since there was a reduction in donations due to the covid-19 pandemic”. He made a point of thanking for the attitude: “I want to leave my word of gratitude to the whole LAIS team for this act of faith, love, and solidarity. Afterwards, the material was taken to the Cajupiranga neighborhood, in the city of Parnamirim.

This community runs the Alvorada Nova Spiritist Home (LEAN), which serves 40 elderly people. According to LEAN’s president, Guttemberg de Melo Tinoco, this donation is very valuable, because besides meeting the shelters’ basic needs, it also shows the transforming power of LAIS’s generosity and teamwork.

The last delivery point was the Casa de Idosos Jesus Misericordioso, a Catholic home that operates in the Lagoa Azul neighborhood in Natal’s North Zone. There are 40 elderly people living there. “We were very surprised and pleased to receive this help from LAIS, we really need this kind of help, so I would like to thank everyone who extended their hand to this act of love,” said Kaline Igínio, social worker and technical manager of the place.