The Coronavirus RN platform (, developed by the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (LAIS / UFRN), was added by the State Government in your home page on the internet. With the initiative, from now on, the State Executive will use the service developed by the laboratory team as an official tool for counting numbers related to Covid-19 in RN.

The service created by LAIS already used data provided by the State Government and other health services. According to Rodrigo Silva, a researcher responsible for developing the platform, the numbers compiled by the sources were analyzed and inserted into a database developed by the laboratory. “A group of researchers from our team is responsible for carrying out the scientific analysis of the data, which will later feed the service”, he explained. From this base, the Coronavirus RN system manages to generate the numbers available to the general public.

Currently, the system’s website is the main source of information on the pandemic numbers of the new coronavirus in RN.

For the coordinator of LAIS, professor Ricardo Valentim, the partnership reinforces the importance of the laboratory’s actions with management bodies to face the pandemic. “The service developed by LAIS already had data from official sources, such as the Government itself and the Ministry of Health. Now, the initiative shows how the impact that these actions developed within UFRN have helped with quality information for both managers and employees. health professionals and also the local and national press, who have a very important job in bringing reliable data to the population ”, he said.

Also according to Valentim, who is also a member of the Scientific Committee of the Northeast Consortium, the quality of the information on the platform is associated with the multidisciplinary nature of the team behind the service. “They are engineers, programmers, health professionals, in the field of statistics and communication who work together to put the service on the air. We created a situation room that does the complete analysis of the data before making it available via the platform, ”he said.