Rapid Response to Syphilis

Regarding the rapid growth of syphilis cases throughout Brazil, a partnership between LAIS, the Ministry of Health and PAHO – Pan American Health Organization has initiated a projectm which promotes effective actions and applied research (in the academic and medical areas) starting with 100 priority municipalities. The Project operates in four distinct axes: management and governance, surveillance, integral care and strengthening of education and communication.

Permanent Health Education actions are also being developed, seeking to train managers and professionals in the area. By working on the issue of surveillance through the health care network, and with all actions integrated with the Research and Intervention Supporters operating in the territories, the Project aims to contribute to the elimination of congenital syphilis and to reduce the cases of acquired syphilis and vertical transmission cases in Brazil.


Get to know our project's advantages

Elimination of congenital Syphilis

By emphasizing prevention in pregnant women with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment, cases of congenital syphilis will be eliminated.

Integration between surveillance and health care

Collaboratively integrate all epidemiological surveillance and health care actions in SUS territories.

Promotion academic and medical research

Conducting academic and medical research under the Project will provide the development of new approaches to control this STI.