Plasma Pen

Tooth decay is a multifactorial, chronic and cumulative disease, considered one of the pathologies that most affect humanity. The removal of decayed tissue is accomplished using pens with low and high rotation drills and turbines. However, these instruments cause vibration, pressure, noise and pain, as well as patient discomfort and stress.
The project aims to design and develop a Plasma Pen capable of sterilizing cavities and silently removing tooth decays without pain causing pain to the patient. It is a versatile and innovative technology for application in dentistry, eliminating the fear and aversion that some people have to dental treatment.


Get to know our project's advantages

Preservation of dental pulp

Using the Plasma pen, only the decayed tissue is removed and dental pulp is preserved.

Painless Treatment

The use of the device allows the removal of tooth decays without causing pain to the patient

Noise elimination in treatment

As there is no noise, common in dental drills, the patient does not suffer from stress and discomfort