Bone densitometry is a kind of exam that allows early diagnosis, determining the start of the treatment and prevention of fractures. However, it is a high cost procedure, which difficult the access for the majority of Brazilian population, available only in high complexity or specialized network

Regarding this issue, Osseus emerges as an easy-to-use and low-cost portable device. This allows a high scalability factor, which enhances its use anywhere in Brazil. The examination performed by Osseus is noninvasive and can be applied several times at shorter time intervals because there is no side effect for patients, unlike other traditional methods. Osseus has been validated by LAIS researchers in partnership with researchers from MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge – MA / USA.


Get to know our project's advantages

Non-invasive exam

The test can be performed several times, at shorter time gaps and without side effects.

Portable device

The device is easy to operate and can be transported to wherever it goes.

Low cost

This device has a high scalability factor.