OpenTelediagnostico is a web system developed and designed by the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Healthcare (LAIS), which guarantees the remote consultation of exams for medical images stored in a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) image bank in specifics.

The web system aims to provide telediagnostic practices by radiologists and residents, through the use of tools for laudation and acquisition of radiological content mediated by an external interface to equipment present in the hospital physical infrastructure.



Get to know our project's advantages

Quick Access

The OpenTelediagnostico system has an interface that guarantees specific user access to data stored in a PACS database.

Cooperative Diagnosis

In order to distribute the report and diagnosis executed by the medical team, OpenTelediagnostico should act as a cooperative network for reporting and diagnosis.

Process Optimization

It is possible to perform the processes of laudation and diagnosis of patients via web interface with the help of telediagnostic tools present in the system.

Academic Material

OpenTelediagnostico is equipped with a quantity of medical-hospital content capable of meeting scientific research in different areas of knowledge.