Health Based in Evidence Portal

The Ministry of Health had several initiatives aimed at the dissemination and construction of health knowledge, the integration between health professionals and the exchange of knowledge between them.

However, this diversity of content was dispersed in different web addresses and it was necessary to centralize the content already produced and the development of other tools that support health care, educational and management practices, in a single platform as a reference for health professionals.

Therefore, the Evidence-Based Health Portal (EBHP) was created, which allows health professionals to carry out on-demand research in various sources of information, such as databases with evidence-based health content, journals, books and publications to answer clinical and management issues or the health work process.

Health Based in Evidence Portal


Get to know our project's advantages

Qualification for SUS Professionals

The portal is an initiative of the Ministry of Health focused on the professional qualification for SUS workers.

Easy Access

Provides quick and easy access to scientifically revised content and evidence through evidence-based clinical protocols covering written documents, photos and videos.

Content Expansion and Indexing

It provides the information and knowledge needed to answer some of the key issues facing health professionals, whether in clinical practice or work management.

Evolução do Projeto

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Allows access to evidence-based health content knowledge bases, partner journals, books and other publications, mobile applications, and clinical guidelines and protocols.


Implementation of the tracking module for simultaneous research methods utilization by users. This enables all search terms and content viewed through the mechanism to be recorded, therefore the user will be able to generate specific search usage statistics.


Implementation of the content suggestion module based on the search mechanism utilization statistics and the access to the databases by Portal users.