Hardware School

Several health projects require integration with current technologies. Therefore, they increasingly use electronics and software to collect data, process it and deliver it to the final user which can be, for example, a biochemist, doctor or patient.


The hardware school has developed a formative trail that leads the student to think about how to develop equipment that connects biological signals to computing. From notions physiology and biological signal emission to the use of microprocessors and microcontrollers, and the interface between them. Using PBL methodology, the student is encouraged to build the project using the available tools and components or the creation of new ones.


Hardware School


Get to know our project's advantages

Knowledge Dissemination

Has as goal to increase the students' knowledge more than they can get in a classroom, making them able to work with herdware

Scientific Production

The school also promotes to students to amplify their scientific knowledge, having them submit papers in magazines, conferences, etc.

Product Development

In the end of the project, all student should have a product developed in its favorite area.