The possibility of predicting epileptic seizures is the focus of the research developed by the researcher from the University of Coimbra, César Teixeira. The professor was responsible for the opening lecture of the I International Health Innovation Seminar, promoted by the Technological Innovation in Health Laboratory (LAIS/UFRN) and the Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC).

According to the Coimbra researcher, the research had the collaboration of institutions from three countries: Portugal, France and Germany. In all, the patients were followed for three weeks, with an unprecedented data collection regarding epilepsy in the world.

With the analysis performed, the researchers were able to trace, by means of research methodologies, a model that indicates, or not, the occurrence of a seizure. Despite the breakthrough, this is still not the result the researchers need. “This was a first step in data acquisition, and now we will begin another stage of clinical research,” explained Professor César Teixeira.

International Partnership
The Seminar, which runs until next Friday, in the auditorium of the Distance Education Department (SEDIS/UFRN), will have a cycle of lectures all directed to innovation in health, with the approach of several themes such as “Time Series Analysis”; “Deep Learning”.

However, the CISUC mission’s visit to LAIS was not restricted to the Seminar. During their visit to Brazil, the researchers were able to consolidate the partnership between the University of Coimbra and LAIS, for the development of research, with the main objective of improving global health.

For LAIS director, Professor Ricardo Valentim, partnerships like these are fundamental to discuss global health problems, with solutions for the whole society. “International partnerships open opportunities for new research and important advances for the entire health system,” he argued.