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LAIS/UFRN signs new work plan with the University of Coimbra for research in the areas of health law, digital health and bioethics

By Bruno Cássio - LAIS/UFRN Communication Advisor Being aware of global issues related to science is part of the mission of the...


LAIS/UFRN moves forward in defining a cooperation agreement with one of Europe’s leading technology development institutes

By Bruno Cássio - LAIS/UFRN Communication Department A committee of researchers from the Laboratory for Technological Innovation in...


LAIS/UFRN signs a technical cooperation agreement with the University of Parma, Italy, to qualify new health professionals in Myanmar

By Bruno Cássio – LAIS/UFRN Communications Office   In a straight line, more than 7,000 kilometers separate Natal, the capital of...


Caring for those who care

Paper published by Brazilian researchers proposes new protocol for caregivers of ALS patients By Valéria Credidio / Ascom LAIS The...


PhD thesis that earned a cover in The Lancet is defended at UFRN

By Bruno Cássio - LAIS/UFRN Communications Office   "A Framework for Multidimensional Evaluation of Interventions in Public Health" is...


International journal publishes article by Brazilian researchers on protocols and guidelines for syphilis treatment in Brazil and Portugal

By Valéria Credidio / Ascom-LAIS According to the World Health Organization (WHO), congenital syphilis is the second leading cause of...


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