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A researcher from LAIS/UFRN is a finalist for the 2023 Capes Thesis Award

By Valéria Credidio - LAIS/UFRN Communication Advisor  The researcher from the Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Health...


AVASUS platform surpasses 1 million students and is consolidated in Brazil as a tool to induce the public policy of Continuing Health Education

By Bruno Cássio – LAIS/UFRN Communications Office When the first version of the Virtual Learning Environment of the Brazilian Health...


Brazil develops new rapid test for syphilis diagnosis

By Valéria Credidio / LAIS/UFRN Communication Advisor Translation: NRI/LAIS More than 12 million people are infected annually with...


Harvard professor points RegulaRN as an example for Brazil and LAIS guarantees cooperation that benefits the state’s health

Kaline Sampaio (Ascom/LAIS) Translation by NRI The improvement of public health systems in Rio Grande do Norte, through strategies...


The importance of electronic health records is recognized in international article

By Valeria Credidio / LAIS/UFRN Communications Office Technology is a reality in public health in Brazil, with several tools...


The “Syphilis No” Project transforms reality in Brazil’s border region

By Valéria Credidio/ LAIS/UFRN Communication Advisor Comprising nine countries, 11 Brazilian states, and more than 10 million...

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