The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, through the extension project “SUPPORT STRATEGIES FOR THE ELDERLY VACCINATION CAMPAIGN AGAINST INFLUENZA IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF NATAL / RN: a complementary action in the fight against COVID-2019”, is contributing to the Municipal Secretariat Health Program in the vaccination of the elderly against influenza. The action aims to reduce the risks that this population would be exposed to if crowded in collective spaces.

In this sense, the units involved in the extension project (Departments of Nursing, Department of Collective Health, Center for Studies in Collective Health, Directorate of Health Care of the Server, Postgraduate Program in Nursing, Instituto Envelhecer o and the Laboratory of Technological Innovation in Health – LAIS) provided the telephone numbers of the Instituto Envelhecer for the registration of condominiums through liquidators.

However, due to the congestion of the telephone lines at the Instituto Envelhecer, the project management group is developing a platform that will be available on the campaign hotsite (click HERE), from 03/28/2020, so that condominiums (and only them) access and register elderly people aged 60 or over, residents of the respective condominiums, exclusively.

For registration, it is necessary to inform full name, age, date of birth, and also whether elderly residents have already been vaccinated in this campaign or not.

We recommend that until the platform is ready, the liquidators start the search for the information that will be sent through the platform.

Photo: Marcello Casal Jr / Agência Brasil