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Project logo OpenPACS


Platform responsible for managing and storing the image examinations via a PACS database.

Project logo Bambino


It follows the development of premature babies born with hyperbilirubinemia in the first 24 months of life.

Project logo FM System

FM System

The project works on the academic development of hearing impaired people who use electronic devices.

Project logo School Hearing Health

School Hearing Health

Identifies, monitors, and educates on hearing health, students in the school setting.

Project logo Digit in Noise Testing

Digit in Noise Testing

It aims at identifying hearing impairment and central auditory processing disorders.

Project logo Audiology Technology Project

Audiology Technology Project

It aims to develop and validate technologies to identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat hearing disorders.

Project logo Sintonia Project

Sintonia Project

It aims to improve processes and technologies for the intervention of hearing-impaired children.