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The Center for Technological Innovation in Health at LAIS (Núcleo de Inovação Tecnológica em Saúde do LAIS - NITS/LAIS) was established in 2015, based on the Innovation Law - number 10.973/2004, also called Legal Framework of Science, Technology and Innovation (Marco Legal de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação) - and is focused on stimulating and seeking partnerships between LAIS, government and the private sector, acting in the development and legal registration of technologies and innovations that can be converted into products that bring benefits to thesociety.

NITS intermediates and enables the registration of patents, software and other technologies developed within the scope of LAIS and its partners, with almost 150 records granted, working together with the innovation agencies of both UFRN and other research centers across the country.


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Research lines


Bioengineering works in an interdisciplinary and transversal way, integrating the domains of engineering and biomedicine. The mission of this research base is the application of engineering knowledge to solve problems and the development of innovative technologies for the healthcare area.

Currently, the research base carries out six technological development projects, with emphasis on Plasma Pen (Caneta à Plasma), Mechanical Ventilator (Ventilador Mecânico) and 3D Health (3D Saúde).

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Custódio Leopoldino de Brito Guerra Neto

Hearing and Language

Hearing is one of the essential sensory systems for the development of language and cognition, and its disorders can generate psychosocial, economic and environmental impacts on children, their families and society. In this context, the research base studies technologies applied to identifying characterizing the typical and atypical development of hearing, language and cognition of babies and children. There are also studies on the use of technological innovations in proposing and validating methods and techniques for identifying, diagnosing and rehabilitating hearing disorders in different life cycles.

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Sheila Andreoli Balen

Biomedical Devices

Comprised of the Nucleus of Molecular Biology and Development of Biosensors (Núcleo de Biologia Molecular e Desenvolvimento de Biossensores - NBMB), the base is responsible for conducting research related to the development of new tools for screening and diagnosing cancer, syphilis and other infectious diseases, in addition to supporting the diagnosis of complex diseases using molecular biology tools.

Responsible: Dr. Leonardo Judson Galvão de Lima

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