Audiology Technology Project

Technology in Audiology is a project that aims to develop and validate technologies to identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat hearing disorders, and thus provide hearing accessibility. All this is done by developing information management systems in hearing health.

Within the project, the following applications are used for screening: HearWHO, for the noise digit testing (RDT), and Audiometric. For the management of information in hearing health, the Hearing and Ear Screening (HERA) and Hearing Information (SAE) systems are used, as well as the electronic record of neuroaudiology for congenital syphilis follow-up.

The project also carries out activities in partnership with Telehealth Brazil Networks, through teleconsultation and teleconsulting in auditory health and auditory rehabilitation. In the area of auditory accessibility, tools such as the Modulated Frequency System and the Remote Microphone are present in children with hearing impairment or alterations in central auditory processing and neurodevelopmental disorders.