Rapid Response to Syphilis

Reduce the cases of acquired syphilis, syphilis in pregnant women, as well as the elimination of congenital syphilis.


Promoting integrated and accessible knowledge in health education.


Non-invasive method used to diagnose Bone Metabolic diseases.


Web system to remotely consult image scans stored in a database


Responsible for managing and storing image scans through a PACS database.

Health Based in Evidence Portal

System that enables healthcare professionals to execute scientific research


Centralized Authentication System to actors of the Health Unic System (SUS).


A platform created to guide visually impaired people in urban public transportation.

Telessaude Brasil Network

Project that improves the quality of patient care and the work of health professionals.

Bionic Eye

Electronic cane to help visually impaired people.

Aedes Observatory

System to mark focus of zika, chikungunya and dengue.