The Coronavirus Platform was created by researchers at LAIS to continuously track cases of COVID-19 in Rio Grande do Norte during the pandemic period. It is the primary data source on the behavior of COVID-19 in the state of RN. It is a web system for the dissemination of statistical data, production of graphs and maps that show the behavior and evolution of COVID-19 cases, deaths, transmissibility rate, lethality, among other indicators, number of infected patients, suspected and ruled out cases, and also data that serve as a basis to inform the population of Rio Grande do Norte, the press, and managers (state and municipal) about the scenario of virus contagion.

Besides the transparency offered by the tool, it is also integrated with other systems in order to provide real-time information. The access to this data contributes to the promotion of public policies aimed at fighting Covid-19 throughout the state. This was the main technology used by the health authorities of RN, society, and the press to follow the evolution of the pandemic in RN.

The CoronavirusRN Platform makes more than 150 indicators available and receives an average of 10,000 daily accesses.


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