Autonomus is part of the revELA project and aims to promote greater autonomy for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), who are no longer able to communicate and need to use expensive equipment.

It consists of software that uses a standard webcam to capture and transform the blink of an eye as a trigger for the system, that is, a kind of “mouse click”, allowing the patient to communicate with the people assisting him (caregivers, relatives, and friends). The eye movement leads two lines that, when they cross at the chosen letter, automatically type in a text box the writing with the blink captured by the camera.

Currently, the devices available for this capture and processing can cost between R$ 4,500 and R$ 80,000 and depend on standardization for each patient. Therefore, Autonomus comes to reduce the economic impact on the treatment offered to ALS patients.

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