School Hearing Health

Students from the Municipal and State Education Networks in the school context are the target audience of the School Hearing Health project. The project aims to develop, validate, and implement a school’s hearing health program that includes the identification, monitoring, and education in these students’ hearing health, in order to promote and prevent hearing loss on different levels of health care.

The system is based on the development of a computerized system that integrates mobility, interactivity, and enables the management and monitoring of information for Speech Pathologists who work in Primary Care or Specialized Care to analyze the collected data and measure new actions for health promotion in the school environment.

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Increase the effectiveness of referrals and monitoring of hearing problems detected at school.


Contribute to solving hearing problems in schoolchildren by improving communication between school, primary and specialized care.


Minimize the consequences of hearing impairment and/or auditory processing disorders in schoolchildren.

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