Aedes Observatory

The Aedes Observatory is a project that enables the population to report possible focuses of dengue, zyka and chikungunya in a georeferenced manner. Endemic disease agents can also use the system through a mobile application that allows them to create routes for visits or to check on cases of denunciations.

Therefore, the manager can quickly access information and thus plan actions to combat the mosquito that transmits the disease more efficiently. Thus, the system also allows the creation of contingency plans that are automatically presented according to the evaluation and verification of complaints.

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Proactive Population

The population becomes proactive in the process of fighting endemic diseases, inspecting public spaces and interacting with the public management to enhance both efforts.

Efficient management

The managers know in real time where the endemic disease outbreaks are, with interactive and temporal maps showing the displacement of complaints and access to media sent by the population.

Simple tool

The general population can use the Aedes Observatory application to report dengue outbreaks in their city, allowing the sending of audio, photo, and video to describe the situation better.

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