FM System

The Personal Modulated Frequency (FM) system is an assistive technology feature that contributes to improving the hearing accessibility of people with hearing impairments who use electronic devices. The FM system acts as a wireless microphone for cochlear implant (IC) and / or individual hearing aids (HA), so depending on the technology currently employed is known as a remote microphone (REMIC). It is made up of two parts: a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter has a microphone and is as close as possible to the speaker’s mouth, such as a lapel microphone, which will send the teacher’s speech to the receiver that is coupled to the audio input or telephone coil of the disabled person and / or IC. hearing To date, 19,398 FM systems have been granted (July 2013 to July 2019 – Ministry of Health, DATASUS, 25/092019). Despite the urgent need for teacher training for use in the classroom, so far only 69 teachers from Rio Grande do Norte Public Network have taken the 180-hour training course developed by researchers from UFRN, FOB / USP, PUC / SP, UFRJ and UFES. The objective of this project is to train education professionals to use the FM system in the school environment in order to contribute to the academic development of people with hearing impairments who use electronic devices.

FM System


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Everyone with hearing impairment has the right to receive the hearing aid and / or cochlear implant by the Unified Health System (related to the type, degree, configuration of hearing loss and its impacts).


Every child from 5 to 17 years and 11 months is entitled to receive the FM system by SUS.


Teachers are as users as children of the FM system, so it is indicated that they have information and skills to effectively use this system in the school environment, being a supervisory agent of the use and maintenance of this system in school.

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Multicenter Study on the Use of the FM System in the School Environment, Coordination Profa. Dr. Maria Cecilia Bevilacqua (FOB / USP)


 FM System Concession Ordinance by the Unified Health System


Development and provision of the Distance Learning Course: Use of the Fm System in the School Environment for Rio Grande do Norte Public School Teachers (SECADI / MEC Promotion)


Course for teachers of hearing impaired children (course offered to two classes of teachers, totaling 50 seniors in 2019. Project will continue in 2020).


E-book Launch: The Use of the FM System in the School Environment (LAIS / SEDIS / UFRN) Available at: