The Autonomus Project aims to free ALS patients who can no longer communicate from the need to use expensive equipment. The Project consists of software that uses a standard webcam to capture and turn eye movement into a kind of “mouse”, allowing the user to communicate with those around him (caregivers, relatives and friends).
Currently, the devices available for this kind of capture and processing has an average cost between $ 4,500 and $ 80,000, and also depends on each patient standards. The Autonomus system works simply. The laptop camera identifies and records the patient’s eye movement through the software,then a screen with a keyboard design opens. Eye movement leads two lines that, when crossing the chosen letter, automatically type in a text box the character with the blink of an eye captured by the camera


Get to know our project's advantages

Low cost

The software is produced at low cost, which reduces the economic impact on the treatment offered to ALS patients.

Enhance the communication

The ALS patient can improve their daily communication and facilitate contact with caregivers, relatives and friends

Improvement of life quality

Using the software, the patient can improve their life quality, having independence when communicating.